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Franchising is a modern sales concept that is gaining in popularity. In Germany, there are now over 800 franchise systems – and counting. The franchising system involves giving someone – the franchisee – the right to sell a proven service or product provided by the franchisor in exchange for a start-up fee and ongoing licence fees.
This form of collaboration is an excellent way of starting a business, particularly from a financial and economic perspective. Unlike a lone entrepreneur starting from scratch, a franchisee enjoys lower capital and market risk. Having said that, sound advice on how to establish such a business is essential for a successful start.

Outstanding quality of consulting
A whole series of issues must be carefully examined before deciding to get started with a franchising system. The financial structure of a franchising concept is very important, as is the prior success of the business concept.
Our specialists have extensive experience in supporting extremely successful franchising systems and are experts in business start-ups. Some of our clients have been awarded “Franchisor of the Year” and “Franchisee of the Year” by the German Franchising Association (DFV).  The audalis Group is an associate expert within the DFV.

Core aspects of our franchising consulting service:
•    Advice on starting a business
•    Advising franchisors and franchisees on all tax, business and social security regulations
•    Preparing and checking franchise agreements
•    Assuming responsibility for cost management tasks within the franchising system
•    Ongoing support for the franchisee with regard to business and staff management, marketing and strategic issues
•    Continued research into and monitoring of tax and business law issues relating to franchising
•    Publishing information relating to tax and accounting issues in franchising