Beratung Gesundheitswesen

You can count on us.

Management for your healthcare business.
Whether you are a doctor’s practice, care facility or hospital, change in the healthcare industry has created immense challenges for all involved. If you want your healthcare business to thrive in the current market, you need to look after your patients. At the same time, business aspects should not be neglected. Doctors are not just bound by the Hippocratic oath, they are also increasingly expected to function as practice managers.

Advising doctors on all business and legal matters
We can offer exactly the support you need in this area. Our doctor’s consulting service can help you with all your business and legal questions – regularly, promptly and reliably. We will keep an eye on your accounts. We will take care of all your business and legal matters. We will advise you if we identify any potential for improvement. Our doctor’s consulting service functions without you having to take the initiative.

You are therefore free to concentrate on your core business of being a doctor.

What we offer
We offer support in all areas requiring knowledge of the business, tax and legal aspects of the healthcare business, including when things aren’t quite going to plan.

Core aspects of our doctor’s consulting service:

•    Business establishment
•    Organisation and development
•    Quality management
•    Investment projects
•    Avoiding loss of sales
•    Checking invoices/accounting documents
•    Planning the tax burden
•    Work-life balance
•    Retirement planning
•    Business continuation in the event of an emergency
•    Acquisitions, sales and expansion
•    Employment law
•    Mediation (settling conflicts out of court)