Beratung International

Globalisation and international taxation.

Identifying market potential.
With the globalisation of markets, investments in midsize enterprises abroad are becoming increasingly attractive. Conversely, international companies based in Germany are recognising the potential of investing in this market.

Our international tax consulting activities encompass tax planning at home and abroad. International taxation issues come into play as early as choosing a location and legal form for a business. We also focus on financial and corporate law questions and the posting of employees to or from overseas locations.

International network
Whether you’re moving your private home from your native country overseas or vice versa, we will examine the tax implications from the point of view of income and inheritance tax. Social security and retirement planning also need to be considered in such scenarios. Moving abroad can also raise questions that go above and beyond tax law. Operating within an international network, we can guarantee in-depth and targeted consulting for all transnational activities.