Public-private partnerships as the key to success.

Rethinking public investments.
The investment backlog in the public sector is immense. Although tax revenue is up, public spending is as restricted as ever. For this reason, alternative finance and management forms for public investment are being sought at all levels of government – local, regional and state. This is where good local government consulting can be extremely beneficial.
One possible solution is private sector involvement in the planning, financing and management of public infrastructure investments. In other words, a public-private partnership (PPP or P3).

Local government consulting for fast, targeted solutions
The consultants at our office have extensive experience in this area, solving business investment problems as well as addressing associated fiscal and legal questions. By cooperating internationally with specialists in the fields of law, management consulting and auditing, we are able to provide a fast and goal-oriented consulting service for the public sector.
At the same time, our tax consulting experts take care of the very complex taxation issues. The audalis PPP team offers a one-stop solution that encompasses a wide range of consulting services of particular value to public investors.