Rechnungslegung und digitale Buchführung

Efficient enterprise control.

Financial accounting.
Nowadays, reliable and up-to-date business analyses are essential for managing your enterprise in a goal-directed way. That’s why financial accounting is a key aspect of efficient enterprise management. We have put together a range of financial accounting packages tailored to your individual needs:

Basic package
•    Completing ongoing financial accounting tasks
•    Advance VAT returns
•    Recapitulative statements

Compact package (basic package + enhancements)
•    Regular, customised business analyses
•    Time-series analyses and comparisons with the previous year
•    Posting of essential accruals and deferrals
•    Creation of an accounting system for outstanding items
•    Regular asset accounting

Professional package (compact package + enhancements)
•    Preparation of monthly controlling reports
•    Creation of a rating report
•    Comparison between projected and actual results
•    Posting of all accruals and deferrals
•    Regular monitoring of open item accounting
•    Use of industry benchmarks
•    Handling payment reminders and payment transactions (optional)
•    Free telephone information

Digital accounting – fit for the future
We will provide the appropriate accounting software and set up the financial accounting system in your company. Using digital documents, we can make your accounting system "fit for the future". This ensures that your business analyses are always up to date, which in turn guarantees more accurate business advice. You benefit from online access to business analyses, open item lists and accounts. You can also perform preparatory activities online, such as updating the cash report or bookkeeping.
For more information (German only), we recommend visiting Datev link:

Accounts receivable management
We also offer accounts receivable management based on digital accounting:

Cost accounting
Our services in this area:

Payroll accounting
As well as the monthly calculation of wages and salaries, we can offer the following services in collaboration with our lawyers:
•    Up-to-date management of outstanding items (up-to-date posting of customer invoices, continuous monitoring of open items, posting of payments, creation of weekly open item list)
•    Systematic reminders for late payments (creation of reminder proposals and a three-step reminder process, list of outgoing invoices, weekly list of reminder proposals, monthly risk assessment of customers)
•    Implementation of a cost accounting system
•    Creation of cost centres
•    Creation of a range of cost accounting documents (e.g. cost distribution sheets, management overviews, time series, cost statements)
•    Support and participation in the event of audits by social security agencies, tax authorities and employers' liability insurance associations
•    Advice on company pension schemes
•    International assignments for employees
•    Carrying out procedures for determining employment status