Zeitwertkonten Beratung

Forward-thinking HR management.

Financing periods of leave.
Demographic development is one of the most important issues in personnel management, yet its impact on the future viability of a business is frequently underestimated. In many cases, employers have little or no idea about how demographic changes could affect their own company.
Working-life accounts can help finance any period of time off during a person’s working life or can be used for early retirement. Because working-life accounts have been so positively received in Germany, companies offering them can position themselves as more attractive to the ever-decreasing pool of skilled employees and managers. Working-life accounts appeal to employees because they make an important contribution to their work-life balance. With options for early retirement or fully paid career breaks, these accounts allow individuals to shape their working life as they choose.

The key benefits of working-life accounts, predominantly funded in practice by employees:
•    Prevention of increasing age-related cost of illness
•    Prevention of increasing early retirement costs
•    Boosting employee motivation and workplace attractiveness
•    Retention of skilled employees (knowledge carriers) and reduction of staff turnover costs
•    Avoidance of production losses and brain drain
•    Improving the age structure of your company through proactive personnel management

The specialist team for working-life accounts at audalis offers tailored support and advice for companies regarding the selection, implementation, management and protection of working-life accounts. Our consultants cover all the business, tax-related and legal aspects of working-life accounts. They also have a wealth of experience in advising on and protecting working-life accounts.