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Welcome to Poland!

audalis Polska sp. z o.o.: Your law office in Wrocław

Are you looking for a tax adviser, management consultant or lawyer who will be at your disposal in Poland as a professional contact? Are you seeking expertise and flexibility on particular issues concerning Polish finance and tax law? We are your one-stop shop for innovative and reliable support.

For us, providing our clients with practical advice on all cross-border issues, being transparent in terms of cooperation and providing comprehensive information is a matter of course.
Whether you are looking to establish your company in Poland, choose the correct legal form, post staff abroad, or whether you are concerned with cross-border transactions or the specifics of VAT systems - you can rely on an experienced team that will give you the professional support you require. Polish firms wishing to get a foothold in Germany also benefit from our knowledge and our many years' experience in the German-Polish region.
With its advanced economic and fiscal policy, Poland, our neighbour country, has developed into one of the most successful locations in terms of direct foreign investment. With its population of around 40 million inhabitants, the country is also very important as both a production location and sales market. In this regard, the economic region of Lower Silesia in particular, with Wrocław at its heart, has established itself as an exceedingly interesting location for German businesses.
Since 2003, we have already been actively involved in Poland in offering our clients cross-border support. In 2008, we took a further step towards strengthening our German-Polish consulting service by establishing our subsidiary audalis Polska sp. z o.o., with its main office in Wrocław. We are operating this subsidiary in close cooperation with our partner, the JP Weber Group, with sites in Wrocław and Warsaw.
Given that our staff are consistently multilingual (Polish/German/English), we can provide you with easy access to our services in the sphere of tax, legal and management consultancy.

Our range of services includes the following in particular:

Tax consultancy
•    Tax consultancy when planning and executing investment in Poland and giving advice regarding economic opportunities in special economic zones,
•    Coming up with pragmatic and efficient solutions in the face of the typical tax-related problems facing German investors in Poland,
•    Developing efficient fiscal strategies in connection with the transnational economic and legal restructuring of businesses,
•    Performing tax reviews in the areas of corporation tax, income tax, turnover tax and PAYE tax,
•    Taking responsibility for accounting services, including processing the monthly figures into meaningful monthly reports in German,
•    Drawing up and auditing routine tax returns,
•    Acting on our clients' behalf and providing them with support in connection with company tax audits and representing our clients in tax proceedings,
•    Developing optimal compensation structures under fiscal and national insurance law in the case of employees who work across borders

Legal consultancy
•    Advising businesses which operate across borders on issues of business, commercial and corporate law in Poland,
•    Offering legal advice on establishing, reorganising or dissolving corporations and partnerships in Poland,
•    Advising on cross-border business transactions such as mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures in Poland,
•    Drafting and negotiating contracts,
•    Carrying out due diligence tests,
•    Offering support on all labour law-related matters in Poland,
•    Offering legal advice on issues of trademark and competition law,
•    Litigation in civil and commercial matters

Management consultancy
•    Advisory services in connection with transactions (mergers and acquisitions, financing, searching for financial investors),
•    EU advisory services - provision of funds from EU funding programmes,
•    Improving management and monitoring systems,
•    Recruitment

We offer practical and targeted advice on all cross-border issues between Germany and Poland.

Our subsidiary audalis Polska sp. z o.o. is situated immediately adjacent to the centrally located medieval marketplace in Wrocław, which today forms the heart of the pedestrian zone. The town hall and St. Elizabeth's Church are close by.

Our business hours:
Polish office:
Monday to Friday, from 08:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Dortmund office:
Monday to Thursday, from 08:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. and
from 08:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. on Friday

It goes without saying that appointments can also be arranged outside the business hours mentioned above by prior agreement.

Polish office:
Rynek 39/40
PL 50-102 Wrocław

Tel.: +48(71)3699-630
Fax: +48(71)3699-639

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Dortmund office:
Rheinlanddamm 199
44139 Dortmund
Tel.: 0231.2255-500
Fax: 0231.2255-555
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.