Stefan Schumacher

Dr. Stefan Schumacher *1975

Lawyer specialising in commercial and corporate law

+49 (231) 2255-852
+49 (231) 2255-555

Curriculum Vitae

Law studies in Kiel and Münster
Ph.D. in law from the University of Münster


1999: Collaboration on the Alpmann-Schmidt legal revision course and at the Alpmann-Fröhlich Law Chambers in Münster

2002: Employed as lawyer at the law firm of Dr. Wehberg und Partner in Hagen; attended the specialist lawyer course in labour law at the DAI in Bochum

2007: Joined the audalis Kohler Punge & Partner firm of lawyers

2008: Promoted to the Executive Board

2009: Lawyer specialising in commercial and corporate law


Consulting focal points:

  • Family-owned firms,
  • advising firms in difficulty, 
  • trade law,
  • rights of authorised dealers,
  • sales representatives, 
  • company law,
  • sales law, 
  • succession in the case of family firms,
  • conducting audits in accordance with Section 69 sentence 2 of the German Insolvency Code (cash auditing),
  • insolvency law,


  • Restructuring small- and medium-sized firms
  • Representing partners/managers in relation to insolvency administrators / the tax office
  • Purchase contract negotiations within the framework of sales of high-speed trains to China
  • General agreements with automotive suppliers
  • Speaking engagements