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  • Auditing
  • Legal advice
  • Business consulting
  • IT consulting
  • Tax advice


Identifying risks, pointing out perspectives

Anyone who wants to run a successful business must be well prepared and vigilant. However, in some cases, important potential risks are not identified in time.

This is where our auditors can be of help. Not only do we check your accounts, we also analyse your business in depth.

In particular, we examine your key processes in detail, be these control systems, risk management processes or investments.

We then translate our findings into constructive recommendations to ensure your business is well-prepared for the future.

It is our goal at all times to set you and your business on the path to success.


Legal advice

Overcoming crises, shaping the future

We are your strong partner for legal matters. We can advise you on all legal issues related to your company and without ignoring your personal needs.

We steer your business safely through all situations, giving you advice at shaping your future and not just be active in the process. You can count on us, whether you are just starting your company up, restructuring, selling or dealing with a crisis.

As your legal strategist in a commercial law firm, we know that being an entrepreneur requires a much wider perspective than just looking at the letter of the law. That is why we always look at your case “with different eyes” to ensure that the overall package is right.

So you have everything under control.


Business consulting

Checking structures, increasing efficiency

A successful company works like a Swiss watch. Every component has to engage with the next one with the right rhythm.

Our business consultants make sure that your business keeps perfect time.

As project managers, we check your structures and increase your efficiency. We define goals with you and develop strategies to achieve them. We also support you for any personnel need, helping you secure the brightest minds.

And we are there for you when it comes to the crunch.

Helping you overcome any challenge.


IT consulting

Integrate processes, control development

Progressive digitisation is leading to profound upheavals in all sectors. Workflows are being restructured and streamlined using information technology.

We support your digital transformation, clarify the technical and legal framework and take care of your information security ensuring that you are well prepared for the changed market conditions.

Our close cooperation with experienced IT experts enables us to find quick and efficient individual solutions.

We can turn technical progress into an opportunity for your company.


Tax advice

Designing strategies, developing solutions

The pace of life is constantly accelerating. Tax laws are also changing at an increasingly rapid pace. We help you to keep up - and to get the best out of it for your company and for yourself.

We do not hide behind meaningless sentences. We speak plain English. So you can always see clearly. Whether you want to restructure your company or you want to arrange your succession - we draw up tailor-made solutions.

Even if your tax issues cross national borders, we travel with you. There is no such word as complicated with us. We make things transparent and understandable.

So you can make the best decision.



Working together for your success


There are plenty of experts out there with specialist knowledge, but what really counts is what you actually get out of their advice in the end. We translate our expertise into concrete solutions, which we then help you to realize. The advisors in our different areas of specialization work hand in hand as a team to ensure that we are able to function as a trusted compass for your decisions.


We are at your service


We take the time to listen and take care of your needs personally, quickly and directly.
We are only satisfied if you feel well advised.


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Our team comprises 218 employees at five locations in Germany and Poland.

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History of our firm

Our firm has been in existence for over 90 years.

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Our expert teams comprise auditors, tax consultants, management consultants, lawyers and IT consultants.

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Dortmund, Berlin, Bernau, Wroclaw and South Westphalia

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audalis combines the Latin terms for listening (audire) and companion (sodalis). For us, our company name is both our mission and our working method. We ask the right questions in conversations that help us to quickly get right to the heart of the matter, take time to listen and then work with you to find the best solution.


Openness and trust form the basis of our work. We do not want to be just a qualified advisor, we want to be a trusted companion on an equal footing. You, the individual, are our focus. We accompany you in all phases of life, and support you in the shaping of your path - in your personal and professional life.

We think carefully about your goals and remove obstacles from your path. We have a long-history of this approach. For more than 90 years, our firm has not only been developing our knowledge and a wealth of experience, we have also been serving many clients over several generations.

We would also like to dedicate ourselves to your projects and ideas with this same promise of quality. We ensure your plans are built on a solid foundation. We identify risks and protect you from them. We provide you with the tailwind you need to reach your destination faster.

Our actions are measured by your success.


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If you want long-term success, you need strong and reliable partners at your side. Our firm maintains close contacts with consulting firms all over the world. As part of the international Alliott Alliance, we can also offer you cross-border assistance.

We ensure a smooth path to enable you to venture into international markets. We use the expertise of our local partners and still remain a permanent contact for you. Whether you are setting up new offices or want to relocate  - we can manage the process for you in terms of tax law.

We can also help you to put your goals into words: in many cases, our employees can provide you with support in the local language, enabling you to get things done faster abroad.

Our major goal is to ensure the realization of your plans.

Together as One. audalis is a Member of
the Alliott Global Alliance of independent
professional firms.*

*Association of Recommendations

Community Commitment

In our view, success is not only measured in facts and figures, but in what is actually achieved in the end. We not only want to have economic success, but also to make a contribution to society. As a result, we naturally take social responsibility seriously.

As well as donating to charitable projects, promoting young talent is also an important part of our foundation concept. We regularly award prizes and scholarships to promising students in the fields of economics, law and computer science.

For us, charitable commitment goes beyond just financial support. We want to be active on the ground - so we also get directly involved in selected projects by providing "hands-on“ support as well.



We are there for you


Do you have a question or would you like to make an appointment with one of our consultants? 
We can be reached via phone or email at the following four locations in Germany and at our Breslau office in Poland.


audalis Seidler Wirtschaftsprüfung und Steuerberatung

Möckernstraße 114
10963 Berlin

+49 30 236 077 70


audalis NOTAX GmbH

Charlottenstr. 65
10117 Berlin

+49 30 206 137 20

audalis Schick Struß & Partner
- Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB

Charlottenstr. 65
10117 Berlin

+ 49 30 206 137 270

South Westphalia