Blaeser, Ralf

Corporate and Organisational Consultant

Curriculum Vitae

Studied economics at Bergische University in Wuppertal

1987 Junior consultant at a Corporate and Technology Consultancy mbH (BDU)

1990 Partner and management consultant at WIBA Gesellschaft für Unternehmensberatung mbH (BDU)

2001 Partner and management consultant at the current audalis Consulting GmbH (BDU)

2001 Management consultant at Unternehmensberatungsgesellschaft der Sparkassen im Kreis Soest mbH

2018 Managing partner at audalis Consulting GmbH (BDU)

Consulting focal points

  • Organisational and personnel development
  • Target and strategy management
  • Corporate governance and organisation
  • Training and coaching
  • Franchising
  • Company start-up and structure
  • Restructuring

Industry expertise

  • Commerce
  • Trades
  • Service
  • Travel industry
  • Telecommunications