Tasche, Ilka

Diplom-Wirtschaftspsychologin Senior Consultant Business Coach

Curriculum Vitae

Diploma in Psychology (equivalent to an M.A. degree), Ruhr-Universität of Bochum

Study focus: Organizational Psychology and Economy

1995 Senior Consultant/ Accenture, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Chicago

1998 Board assistant; Brau und Brunnen AG, Dortmund

2001 Head of Personell Development and Training; The Phonehouse, Münster

2003 Lecturer in General Psychology I; Business and Information Technology School (Universitiy of Iserlohn)

2004 Ilka Tasche Consulting, Owner

2014 Lecturer for Vocational Training and Instructors, bfw Dortmund

2018 Management consultant, audalis Consulting GmbH, Specialist team for Personell & Organisation

Expertise in the following areas

  • Change management
  • Service and sales strategy
  • Leadership principles and -training
  • Employee survey, mission statement development, personell development
  • Time and self-management, Salutogenese Training (certified)
  • Communication, team development, conflict coping, mediation
  • Interface and process optimization, agility
  • Coaching: leadership, career, sports and performance, mental strategies,
     Burnout prophylactics, self motivation, achievement
  • Lectures: change management, body language

Experience in the following fields

  • IT, logistics
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Health industry
  • Production, Energie, Chemistry
  • Trade, Service und Consulting
  • Training providers